The profiles also include information about the physical features, as well as sexual preferences

Just in case you wish to search for escorts manually, that’s possible as well. And the search-filters? They’re so detailed and specific, you can find Satan himself.

But, more importantly, you can make it so that only profiles with verified real photos and contact details are shown.

4. Erotic Monkey

It doesn’t require registrations for browsing profiles either. So, you get access to photos, location, physical characteristics, a bio and the rates.

Although it’s not as free or informative as Escort Directory. Some phone numbers are only displayed to registered users. Also, it only seems to have one payment plan-hourly. The rates for the same are sure displayed for free.

Again, the search-filters are extremely narrow. They’ll let you filter for everything that makes a human. This includes sexual preferences, fetishes, cup sizes, interests and a lot more.

Hey, the best part? It’s extremely anonymous, primarily because it accepts payments via Cryptocurrencies! Well yes, you can pay via Bitcoin or Ethereum to keep your identity safe.

Going premium is optional, but it’ll let you instant message with the escorts, offers unrestricted access to photos as well as the forum and other privileges.

The user-database is pretty impressive as well. Do note that no payment whatsoever is required to browse profiles or to get contact info (both phones and emails).

5. Tryst

Tryst is one of the closest sites like MegaPersonals on this list. That’s primarily because of its user-interface. Just one of the reasons to give it a try? It allows even sending direct messages for free!

It doesn’t require registrations just like MP and only asks a basic question when you land on the site- “What’s your gender, and what do you want the gender of your partner to be”.

You select that and it instantly shows you all the available escorts. As of , it has 25235 escorts which is a pretty good number.

The profiles are completely free to access. You get contact info, location, body type, shoe size (well yes), eye colour and other physical traits.

Available days of the week, as well as the rates for each escort too are displayed. The profiles even include links to Twitter, Instagram, e-mail and other social networking websites, even Onlyfans.

As far as rates go, multiple options are available. You can hire escorts for multiple hour-brackets. Multiple outcall as well as incall packages are available as well.

While all of this is free, registration is required if and when you wish to send direct messages to escorts on the platform (still free).

Payment enables you for a personalised sub domain, analytics for profile as well as photos and other mostly “technical” benefits.

6. EscortMeetings

EscortMeetings is for you if you need a more internationally-available database of escorts. You can hire escorts in US, Turkey, Japan and basically most other countries on the planet.

The rates are displayed on each profile (when available). Some escorts require a down payment however that’s often around $ and is pretty affordable.

Escorts can also be used as travel buddies. Some agree to international travel, while others stay domestic. This information too is displayed on the profiles.

Each escort has his/her own acceptable mode of payments. However, in general, EscortMeetings allows payments via PayPal, Moneygram, Cash and many other options.

Date/day and time of availability too is mentioned. Obviously, physical features and sexual preferences can be found on the profiles as well.

No registration required and is completely free. You can even check how many times an escort has been viewed in the past 30 days, this helps pick popular escorts more easily.

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