Hater After Shark Tank – 2018 Update

Hater Before Shark Tank

A dating app, Hater is unique in that it brings individuals together via their dislikes-that is, it allows you to “meet someone who hates the same stuff.” Similar to other apps in that it utilizes a swiping system, users can easily voice their opinion on thousands of topics from dogs to Kim Jong Un.

The brainchild of Brendan Alper, the app is his first venture into the startup world. A former banker, he worked at Goldman Sachs for five years after graduating from college, before realizing that it wasn’t the life for him. Quitting his job, he eventually began to write comedy sketches full time-something that he had always been fond of.

Ultimately, it was from one of his comedy sketches that Hater was born. More specifically, one of his early ideas had been based on a dating app that matched individuals based on what they hated. Though originally meant for his skit, the more he told people about it, the more he was encouraged to turn it into a real thing. In fact, many of his friends had told him that they would totally download it if it was a real app.

With that, he decided to turn it into reality. Using his savings, as well as his 401(k), he got to work building the app. Over the next two years sugardaddymeet, he was also successful in raising $100,000 with the help of family and friends. In the end, many hours went into the project before it went live in early 2017. A hit, it quickly amassed over 30,000 daily active users within a month’s time. By , its algorithm had produced 200,000 matches and it had become the top lifestyle app in Germany.

From there, they eventually caught the attention of Shark Tank’s producers, who invited them to apply for the show. Many rounds of applications later, it was announced that they would be featured in the ninth season of the series. Their episode had aired on .

Hater on Shark Tank

Entering the tank, Brendan lets the sharks know that he is from Brooklyn, New York. Continuing, he states that he is looking for a $200,000 investment for 5% of his company, Hater.

Gesturing towards their logo, he explains that their company is the only one in the world “that can make love using the power of hate.” Inviting the sharks to ride on his time machine (as “most aren’t single anymore”), he proceeds to walk them through how to use the dating app. To their surprise, an old photo of Mark soon pops on the screen, which leads to many chuckles.

Continuing his pitch, Brendan tells them that “hating always gets overlooked” when it comes to dating. Elaborating, he states that studies have shown that it’s actually easier for people who hate the same things to form bonds compared to those who love the same things, which garners a positive reaction from Rohan.

Revealing a sign, he explains that that is why he created Hater-“the dating app that matches you based on what you hate.” Almost immediately, Mark and Rohan appear to be on board with the idea. Stating that the latter will be the lucky bachelor for today, he proceeds to hand out a few emoji signs to the rest of the sharks, who he says, will be playing along.

Motioning towards the television, he explains that there will be a number of topics displayed on the screen, to which they’ll have to say whether or not they love or hate it. With the instructions out of the way, he shows them the first topic-“Staying in On Friday Night”. Almost immediately, the sharks give him their answers. From there, they go through a handful of other topics together, before he reveals Rohan’s match-Barbara, which garners laughter from the sharks.

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