How To Find Military Options On The Wells Fargo Official Site

Wells Fargo is an international financial institution that also offers military-oriented options. This company, which got its start in 1905 after separating from Wells Fargo & Co. Express, built a reputation for operating as a commercial bank on the West Coast, expanding into a global network of branches, ATMs, and more.

Wells Fargo operates more than 8,000 branches, over 13,000 ATMs, and operates in more than 35 countries to serve 70 million consumers around the world.

This financial institution is not a military-specific operation; it offers financial services to all applicants regardless of affiliation. It does have certain requirements to use military-themed features (such as a non-civilian direct deposit) and proof of military service is required for such options.

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Wells Fargo Military Banking Options

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Wells Fargo has military banking options but they can be tough to find on the official site. Under the Personal banking tab on the official site, you will find the following:

There is no military specific option listed in this menu, and exploring Checking, Savings, Debit, and Credit Credit Card options in the list turns up no military-specific options (at press time).

To find the main military page for the purposes of writing this description of Wells Fargo services, we had to use Google to find the page, and the page is also discoverable with the search tool on the Wells Fargo official site (see below).

It is entirely possible that those who create accounts with Wells Fargo may have more accessible options for military features once an account, login, and password have been set up. But for the curious, the main page does not display military options at press time.

Using the search tool on the Wells Fargo official site, you can type in the phrase military or military banking to find links to the military page. You will be taken to a main page called the Military Resource Center.

Military-Themed Options From The Wells Fargo Military Resource Center

Credit Cards

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For military members and families, the most advantageous credit card offering (with military-related travel firmly in mind) is likely the Wells Fargo Propel American Express Card, which offers perks on most travel purchases.

There is also a Wells Fargo Cash Back College card which offers cash rewards earned for money spent (up to a limit which was $2,500 at press time but may be subject to change) spent on gas, grocery, and drugstore purchases for an introductory period.

If you choose to apply for a Wells Fargo credit card, be sure payday loans bad credit to ask about any military perks that may be offered in a current promotion. Also be sure to ask about how your rights under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act as it pertains to interest rates, payments, deployments, etc.

Auto Loans

Wells Fargo offers auto loans to all applicants; there are no military-specific options on the Auto Loans page, but when inquiring about your options, be sure to ask about military perks or benefits that might be on offer at application time.

Joe Wallace is a 13-year veteran of the United States Air Force and a former reporter for Air Force Television News

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