While shes walking past the field, passing a few coaches speaking to some players, her heart begins to speed up

Firstly, she had to sneak past the security guards, showing them the stickers on her brothers computer to gain clearance into the more exclusive working parts of the stadium where the staff worked

In any other situation Y/N wouldve been fangirling over her close proximity to them, but she first had to find the worried parents of this child before she did anything else.

“Edward!” In a raspy voice, she sees a man approach her from the field, cleats digging into the turf next to https://yourloansllc.com/installment-loans-ga/ her.

“Edward, where were you? Tilly had to call me worried because she lost you again.” Edward hides his face in your chest, obviously scared by who you assume to be his father scolding him rather loudly.

“Im sorry – who are you?” Harry asks rather aggressively. Y/Ns heart tenses up, brain clouding up a bit s she scrambles for words. Her mouth opens and closes as she looks for words to explain – this looks really bad. Like she was kidnapping the child or something.

Harry seems to notice, grabbing his sons little hand and tugging it gently away from her as he lets go

“Im sorry, he came up to me and – and he said he had come with his nanny but couldnt find her and I just” Y/N gathers her thoughts, obviously extremely flustered. Harry remains staring at her with unsure eyes.

“Daddy, stop being mean.” Edward lets out, his cheek still pressed firmly against Y/Ns chest as he criticizes his own father.

“Right then, thank you for helping me find him.” He forces out, “But ill take him from here.” Harry extends his arms and takes Edward into his arms. Edwards frowns a little bit, hand still wrapped around Y/Ns soft soccer jersey. Edward brings his hand up in a small wave, letting out an adorable “Bye Y/N!” as she smiles and waves back at him. Harry stays silent during the entire interaction, only opening his mouth to mutter t his son how worried he was as they both walk away.

Y/Ns heart beats incredibly quickly and she has to pinch herself to make sure that the events that just occurred werent a dream.

She was at her flat, enjoying an off day that she rarely gets to have due to her tight 9-5 schedule every day. Unfortunately, that was the exact moment her brother called to tell her that he had forgotten his computer at his own flat, the computer with all of the cumulative scores of the teams yearly totals.

So begrudgingly, for the sake of her own brother, Y/N trudges out of her bed, puts on clothing that isnt her cotton pajama shorts and baggy soccer shirt from high school, and grabs her keys to go over to her brothers apartment.

On the way to his apartment, she stops by her favorite local diner grab a milkshake and two burgers (one for her and one for her brother). She uses the spare key he gave her when he first moved in to Greater Manchester.

She walks into his messy flat, immediately spotting the computer hes missing on his sleek marble counter. She notices the half filled bottle of milk hes irresponsibly forgotten to put back in the fridge, and places it back in the large metal fridge. Grabbing the computer hurriedly (“Were on air in 45 minutes!”) she rushes out of his apartment in a flash, driving her way to Old Trafford stadium.

Secondly, the building is huge, made up of several departments (all of which she doesnt recognize, and thinks her brother can belong in).

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