Harry stops her, however, “Edward told me what happened, by the way

Y/N goes to leave before she can embarrass herself any further, grabbing her phone from the bench and opening her mouth to excuse herself. ”

He grabs her forearm gently to get her to look at him. She meets his eyes, her heart beating a little too loudly and she assumes he can only hear it as loudly as she does.

“Feel like a right prick at what happened, I was quite rude to you and you were just trying to help him. I dont know what I would do if it were someone with bad intentions who got their hands on him.” He tells her honestly.

“Its all right, sa good thing hes cute.” She tells him. He nods in agreement, the both of them silently gushing over just how adorable Edward is. With specks of green mixed into his hazel eyes, a curly head of hair and a small upturned nose.

“Well I sure hope hed be, hes going to be a soccer star one day.” Harry tells her. Reminiscing on Edwards peaked interest in soccer and seeing how hes rubbed off on him.

Y/N spits out the flirty words before she can take them back. Her eyes widen, a blush creeping up onto her face. Harry stays silent and the silence seems to be prolonged in Y/Ns mind as she rushes soon after to correct herself.

Y/N waves him goodbye, the grin never leaving her face on the way back to her flat

“msorry direct installment lenders Idaho. Im just a fan is all. That was really really inappropriate of me.” She tells him, trying to leave before she embarrasses herself even further. But Harry doesnt seem to mind as he lets out an adorable giggle.

“Youre quite cute when youre flustered.” He tells her honestly, “and youre a fan too? Might just have to give you a reward for helping Edward. “ Cheekily, they stand there smiling at each other until someone calls Harrys name from down the hall.

That night, Y/N receives a call from her brother and makes a solid agreement with him. Not being able to compromise (because Y/N might as well have saved his career) he begrudgingly agrees.

The game is rather uninteresting, Manchester manages to hold a solid lead for the entire first half, and the other team fails to score any point during both halves. The victory, although excited, is rather uninteresting. But Y/N still watches the entire match, eyes often wandering off to the jersey with “Styles” scrawled across the back.

She cant help herself, although she continue to scold herself at her mental crush thatll without a doubt be nothing more than just a crush, she cant help but notice how the thin material of his uniform clings to his chest, and how she can see the dark shadows of some of his tattoos through the stretchy red fabric.

Just as the second half ends, Y/N spots a middle aged woman in a sweater and khakis, holding the hand of a small toddler who she could recognize from a mile way solely by the curls bouncing as he stumbles cheerfully.

Y/N speeds up behind them, catching the attention of the nanny, who she remembers as Tilly, who shoots her a smile. She crouches down and wraps her fingers around Edwards small eyes, playfully blindfolding him.

In exchange for bringing him his computer earlier in the day, she asks for 2 tickets for the game the following day

“Guess who?” She sing songs. He turns around, face breaking into a grin. Wrapping his little arms around her neck, she picks him up and spins him round. Hes wearing a little red polo, matching the teams colors, and his tongue is blue from all the candy floss hes been eating.

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